Searching for my ancestors’ roots, I heard numerous stories, though independent, yet all connected with my genealogical tree. Primarily I believed that a simple mention of my family’s roots would be sufficient to get to know our ancestors. Listening to all those amazing stories narrated to me with such intensity and emotion, I deemed it my duty to put pen to paper, not only to record the names, but also their stories and their way of life.

Lately, my thoughts were, that the contributions made and the life of all these people who, had they not existed, we would not be living now. The idea of compiling this information: stories, notes and my knowledge about our ancestors, into a book was firmly rooted in my head. To record their contribution in the struggle for the freedom of our country, in the education, in the literary sector, in the trade union, as well as the simple daily aspects of their life.
Mention is made to Kythrea and its watermills, to Larnaca with its ‘consulates’ and port, the beauty of Akanthou, Chloraka, Lysso and Dikomo as well as other parts of Cyprus.

The editing and correction of the book was undertaken by the distinguished Philologist Dr Georgios Kitromilides, President of the Cyprus Cultural Association and formerly Top Educational Officer. The presentation of the book was undertaken by the Educationalist Ms Chloe Païkou.

Glafkos Georghiades